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Remnants (album)

by Jacqueline Cates Johnny Burgess

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    An all original lyrical blend of female and male vocals resonating "classic rock".

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Remnants 03:34
"REMNANTS" (v1) Trees lived free on Mt Rainier Before loggers chopped and cleared Their best parts sold for a price Unused parts were sacrificed (v2) Remnants washed up on the shore Majestic stumps, knarled limbs and more Silent dignity was their strength Age old wisdom one could not take (Chorus) Like remnants washed up on the shore Stronger and wiser than before See the treasures found inside Inner beauty can no longer hide (v3) Under the sun and assure sky Winds blew through to purify I couldn't help but to stare All these remnants now lay bare (v4) Like a remnant under radiant sun Heal from a life now dead and gone From your heart a song to sing A light that shines your spirit will bring (chorus) (v3 reprise) (chorus's/solos) (v5) Rest now under azure sky Let winds blow through to purify The best of you is yet to come Your soul's journey will live on
"ODE TO HARBOR LIGHTS" (v1) Happy hour is playing on Voices drone like train wrecked songs With a cabernet in hand I view this bar scene a circus grand (v2) On my bar stool I sit and ponder Faces I’ve known here in this harbor Some still here – some are gone Like distant melodies to my song    (chorus) One thing here is a constant Harbor Lights Bar And Restaurant If you come to this fine place One drink will surely slow your pace (v3)  Raconteurs you’re longing for Sit where you left them the night before So many stories are being told  Outrageous, sad or comical (chorus) (v4)  The clouds now are passing by Floating impressions in the sky On the water is scribbled light Like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” (chorus) (v5)  I look out at the promenade Sidewalk lights are now turned on Joggers, walkers pass on by Beneath the clouds of a starless sky
Freefall 03:37
"FREEFALL" (v1) Pushed to the edge But I pushed back High on a ledge And under attack (v2) Ever driven to to succeed Always there to fill a need Believing I could not fail Trapped in my own self made hell (chorus) Lost my balance, spun into a freefall Was safely caught, by Creator of all (v3) Surrounded by mountains Dense with evergreen A living cathedral Only beauty was seen (v4) Rhythms of lapping waves Soothed away constant pain Taken out of the fray Peace came in passing days (chorus) (v5) This wounded soul, had a choice Listen to the loving voice Or ignore the living word From my past I once had heard (v6) Someday soon I'll learn to fly Spirit will soar high in the sky But now it's time for me To just rest and only be
Not Long Ago 05:03
"NOT LONG AGO" (v1) My little ones away from me Grown up now you're dreams to see Not long ago but far away Once in my arms but not to stay (v2) Little boy with a tender heart I miss you now when we're apart Once a boy - now a loving dad I treasure all the times we had (V3) The person you have now become Makes me smile inside my dear son Know that I'm so proud of you True to yourself and in all you do (Chorus) Not long ago but far away Once in my arms but not to stay (v4) Little girl with a lion's heart I miss you too when we're apart Daughter strong and so true My busy girl with much to do (v5) A woman now with convictions strong Your spirit lingers when you are gone Hearing your voice over the phone Makes me smile when I'm alone (Chorus) (v6) Moments are made and then are gone Joyful, painful, our lives move on Tender places in my heart Is where I keep you when we're apart (bridge) (v1 reprise)
"CATHOLIC GIRL" (v1) The sun shone brightly when she was young Innocent, trusting, like other ones  In school she learned the golden rule  Some teachers forgot it in her school (v2) Catholic nuns wore black and white Maybe to draw some Holy Light  Forgive her Father for she has sinned  Must punish and shame her once again     (chorus) Father, Son, and Holy Ghost Were the ones she feared most Deities, all unseen Believe or not - no in between! (v3) On her way to daily to mass Beneath St Michael she did pass  His wings enfolded his mighty sword Protecting dogma within church doors (v4) We were sinners she was told  Yet saved through Jesus long ago  On the cross he did die Then rose to glory in the sky (chorus) (v5)  Years went by, innocence lost Knowledge came with a cost Too many breaks in her heart Where was Jesus to play his part? (v6) The Holy Ghost was her guide  But this Spirit seemed to hide  Her heart now hidden in shades of gray But the light in her soul will not stray
"THE FIRST TO GO" (v1) Barely hung on, yes it’s true Plans were made, was sleepless too First were rumors, news leaked out Change quickly came about (v2) By ten a.m. cuts were done Internal bleeding had begun Whatever they had left behind Were mailed to them another time (v3) We looked around for those left Bets were off, no safety net Backs were plastered to the wall Who’d be next to take a fall? (v4) It was decided to out source Destroying lives with no remorse Worked so hard to make our way Greedy hearts took it all away (Chorus) The first to go bid no farewell Put out the door, no one to tell (v5) Duped by slogans and good pay Lulled into thinking we would stay The unspoken rule we had to face Money and power ruled the race (v6) For those of us left behind We were used until our time The first ones that had to go Got off easy, we came to know (chorus) (v6 reprise twice)
Tug Of War 05:06
"TUG OF WAR" (v1) Say those hurtful things you say Throw more debris in my way In this haze of uncertainty Build your walls between you and me (v2) We know there is no guarantee That you and i will always be There is no winner in this game Senseless fear brings only pain (chorus) Two stubborn souls in a tug of war Cannot take this anymore (v3) There seems to be a disconnect An empty void is all that's left Time to take a big step back Forgiveness now is what we lack (v4) We're heading for a head on crash A deadly end of fire and ash Can we try to both refrain Be each other's friend again (chorus) (v5) Results may be our shattered hearts Laying on the ground Was it really love we had? Can it still be found? (v6) Trust is such a fragile thing And so easily broken Secrets held in one's heart May not be heard or spoken
"THESE LOW DOWN PLACES" (v1) He played his music in this low down place It was worse than a dive, forgot the mace But times are hard so he must go Wherever gigs are booked but pay is low (v2) It’s not just for money he gives his all It’s the music he shares from inside his soul I know from the look upon his face Making music takes him to another place (chorus) But these low down places with dark empty spaces Cause my spirit to break and run They unravel my soul and take a toll Until I’m completely left undone (v3) I wish these places were concert halls Or country fairs and lively festivals Music playing under day time skies People humming to the tunes or dancing by (chorus) (v4) In that dingy bar with beer breathe stench Lit bikers and locals their thirst to quench Some were digging the tunes while playing pool Others stood and stared just to look cool (chorus) (v5) The boys in the band were playing tight Their Rock’in blues filled up the night In my mind I could see them all On a well lit stage in a music hall
Impasse 03:58
"IMPASSE" (v1)  Yes dear you’re always right Anything to avoid a fight Being with you is now a chore  No love between us anymore (v2)   Our children now need us both  Cannot upset your sacred boat You make believe you’re in control  Another dagger in my soul (chorus)   All I want is your love But all we do is push and shove Please let’s be friends again I could be loyal to the end (v3) With each dawning day it’s true Every day I feel blue Where did this all go so wrong? It hurts to know love is gone (chorus) (v4) Please believe me when I say I really do want to stay It seems we closed a heavy door Too hard to bear this anymore (chorus) (v5)   If I leave your cold embrace  It would be in desperate haste Perhaps I’ll find some hidden key To unlock our love now unseen
Untamed 04:12
"UNTAMED" (v1) Roll me over untamed waves Beneath skies of pink and gray My soul cried out through misty haze Make this pain go away (v2) Deliver me from the dark within My heart was lost, betrayed again The voice inside I failed to trust Cried enough of this, go home you must (chorus) Roll me over untamed waves Beneath skies of pink and gray (v3) In the quiet depths below Spirited united with it's soul Emerging from the deep unseen Bathed in radiant light serene (v4) Perched upon a wave so high Beneath a vast sunlit sky I gazed down in the depths below Found again what once was stole (chorus) (v5) I faced the wind and it's embrace With shining sun upon my face Waves of warmth touched my heart This time will be a wise new start (v6) Roll me over untamed waves Brilliant rays light up the bay Floating gently to the shore My heart is mine and now restored Roll me over and over...
With You 04:29
"WITH YOU" (v1) Shards of light from the morning sun A brand new day has begun Coffee’s brewing while you sleep I step outside, all else will keep (v2) Hearing music, a serenade From singing birds the “One” has made Sometimes ignored or never heard A gift long lost without a word (chorus) In our gardens I love to roam With you I call this house a home (v3) Thoughts of love on the morning breeze Sent to my dear ones now unseen In the quiet of the morn My spirit alights, again reborn (v4) The morning shade is in retreat Dew kissed flowers at my feet Perfume from the roses near Keep me content til you are here (chorus) (v5) The sun keeps rising in the sky Clouds disperse, no longer nigh I hear you moving in the kitchen dear Coffee’s in hand while you draw near (v6) Years ago when we first met It was not our time yet Somehow then you touched my soul It’s our time now, this I know
Forevermore 04:33
"FOREVERMORE" (v1) Don't you think it's time for you To release memories you once knew Let them fade into the past Peace may come to you at last (v2) You're hurt heart cannot mend When you chase your past to it's bitter end There is no point in what you do Holding on to thoughts that make you blue (chorus) Before us stands a brand new door Please join me now and forevermore (v3) Some memories hold their lovely charm Like holding your babies in your arms Grown up now and far from you In their hearts they love you too (v4) There were moments of defeat Other moments were bittersweet We make our choices in what we do That bring us joy or make us blue (chorus) (v5) Times when life seemed so mundane Were peace and joy between the pain In your heart a restless flow Woke up your mind and stirred your soul (v6) I will not walk ahead nor behind you But at your side if you want me to You've been courageous in the past Letting go of the things that do not last


Each song describes a life situation or emotion. Over time these events transform the individual until what remains is a "remnant" of the former self; only stronger and wiser than before....

All lyrics written by Jacqueline Cates
All music composed by Johnny Burgess


released May 15, 2013

Produced by Johnny Burgess.
Recorded and mixed at Cinderblock Studios, Ruston WA between Jan 2012 and March 2013 by Johnny Burgess.
Mastered at Pacific Studios, Tacoma, WA by Markus Simmons.
CD art; a painting entitled "Volcano" by Haley Hughes of Brooklyn N.Y.
Visit haleyhughespaintings.blogspot.com
CD graphics by Johnny Burgess.
All music by Johnny Burgess. All lyrics by Jacqueline Cates.
Many thanks to our musical friends for their creative contributions including:
Leanne Trevalyan's vocals on tracks 1,5,8,and 12. Kim Archer's vocals on tracks 1,6,9 and 10. Kenny Williams's vocals on tracks 2,4 and 7 as well as guitar on all tracks except for 10 and 12. Sax by Sheryl Clark on tracks 6 and 7. Jim D'Eagle on 12" Native Hand Drum and Djembe and Gene Tagaban (One Crazy Raven) on Native American wood flute on track 4.
Jacqueline Cates' vocals on track 3 and 11 and backing vocals on track 4. Backing vocals by Johnny Burgess on all tracks except for track 1. Also, keyboards, midi-bass and Mac drums on all tracks by Johnny Burgess.
All lyrics to CD and other insight visit www.catesburgess.com


all rights reserved



Jacqueline Cates Johnny Burgess Tacoma, Washington

From Tacoma WA, Jacqueline & Johnny have collaborated writing songs since 2009. Jacqueline, formerly a technical writer and trainer for Carlson Marketing Inc, began writing lyrics for Johnny's style of music.
Johnny enjoys
composing and arranging the music for Jackie's lyrics.
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